Our History

Megawholesale Inc began as a family owned business offering a short list of cigar products. Since then, we have grown to a 27,000 sq. ft warehouse adapting to a wholesale club model with a large lineup of nationally known brands of cigars and general merchandise.Megawholesale Inc continues to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience. We specialize in supplying industry’s preferred products to wholesalers, distributors and retail stores in the Northeast American market. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our customers, we are proud to carry the national and regional brands with consistent quality and low prices. Majority of our clientele are returning customers, on a weekly basis, because we value the relationships we create with our clients and make no compromises with our customer service. We are keen on continuing to provide our customers a sincere and worry-free experience as they shop.

- Team of Megawholesale Inc


We accept early orders via   sales@megawholesaleinc.com and offer different ways for you to shop with us.

Cash & Carry

Customer who want an in- store face to face experience.


Customers who are closer to our location yet still want the option of not driving to our location. This option is only available to businesses in the 20-mile radius.


For large orders from our out of state customers who don’t have the option of driving to our location.

Try our quick and easy way to order

Step 1 – Place Your Order
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  • Pickup
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  • Shipping
Step 3 – Finish Payment
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