Dutch Masters 3-Pack Palma (20/3)



Dutch Masters Palma - Dutch Masters 3-Pack Palma (20/3)

Dutch Masters Palma Cigar is a good addition to the line. The cigar has an interesting combination of four different tobaccos, and the combination makes for a medium-bodied flavor with an excellent aroma. The flavor is consistent throughout with some body. This cigar is best when set down for several minutes between puffs, which makes it perfect for a cigar to be enjoyed after a fine meal. Dutch Masters Palma Cigar is one of the more complex cigars that we have tried from Dutch Masters and is definitely worth getting.

Dutch Masters Palma

Duch Masters Palma Cigars

The Dutch Masters Palma Cigar is a bold smoke, with a heavy body and flavor that satisfies the most discerning smokers. The cigar is an affordable alternative to premium cigars from known brands.

The Dutch Masters Palma may be advertised as a cigar, but it’s not—it’s actually a series of cigarillos. The verdict on these mini cigars? This is one situation where I’d recommend against smoking low-quality tobacco.


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