Game Cigarillos 4 Pack 7 Up Black Sweets


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Game Cigars - Game Cigarillos 4 Pack 7 Up Black Sweets

The smooth, rich and mellow taste of Game Cigars evokes the mood of a true gentleman. Game Cigars are rolled with choice tobacco leaves and hand-crafted to ensure a slow, even burn. Both men and women prefer these cigars, making them the perfect gift for friends and family of every age group.

Game is a new cigar, this is the first time that Game Cigars have been officially introduced to the world. These cigars are made by Top Premium Cigars Wholesale that bring you only the highest-grade cigars. With such quality cigars, you can certainly enjoy an unforgettable moment with friends and family. After enjoying a game of poker, we strongly recommend smoking these cigars after dinner. They will compliment your food wonderfully!


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